Made in Ro


Made in Ro is a design fair that takes place in Bucharest every year before Christmas. I created the visual packages for the 2015-2019 editions. They included the main poster design, indoor graphics, web banners, and social media visuals.

The concept orbited the Christmas idea with the Christmas tree as a core element. Every year a product was selected as the best of that edition. In the years 2015 and 2016, the winning products from the last edition were in the spotlight, so I created the main visuals focusing on the specific images received from the client.

In 2017 the concept remained the same but the client preferred to change the approach into a more illustrative one. I created the composition of the visuals around the illustrations received from the client.

For the 2019 edition I created the visual concept and the illustration.

My role

UX Research, Wireframes, Prototype


Personal project
poster with abstract illustration of a stag
The 2019 edition poster had a minimalistic approach and a Scandinavian atmosphere
facebook page viewed on laptop screen
The main visual of 2019 adapted for Facebook
In 2017 the visuals had in focus an illustration by Ana Banica
For 2016 I created a collage with parts of the ceramic plates that won the 2015 edition
I built the 2015 visual around a photo with the wooden Christmas trees decorative set that was awarded in 2014

Need a designer?

I'm open for collaborating so feel free to reach out to me any time. Drop me an email so we can talk.