Technology is one of my hobbies and was my blog on the subject between 2010 and 2014. It was the place where I could blow off some steam and write about the news of the tech industry, the product launches, the gadgets and how they improved or not our lives.

First I did some research and examined the online visual presence of the Romanian tech blogs because I realized that I needed a way to distinguish but still remain in the zone. After a brainstorming session the main keywords that best described my blog were: technology, exploration, connectivity, speed.

For the letters of the logo, I preferred a geometric sans-serif typeface with a futuristic sci-fi feeling (Orbitron). I customized it and transformed the first letter G into a symbol that resembled an AC power socket.

Red (dynamic, power) and blue (tech, connectivity) looked like a good choice for colors, as they are present in most of the electronics internals.

I developed the blog using WordPress and HTML & CSS to further customize its look and feel.

My role

Logo design, Webdesign


Personal project
nextgadget logo
Nextgadget logo
nextgadget logo black and white
Black and white variations
nextgadget logo color iterations
Color variations
nextgadget website desktop view
Website desktop version

Need a designer?

I'm open for collaborating so feel free to reach out to me any time. Drop me an email so we can talk.